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The Emotional Side of Home Selling

The decision to sell your home isn’t an easy one. In fact, research has ranked selling a home as second to relationship breakups for the most stressful experience in a person’s life. The same survey said Americans are more stressed out about selling their home than planning a wedding, getting fired or even becoming a [...]

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Hire a real estate agent or go it alone?

Saverio Manzo and Rosalie Jones are sold on selling their own homes privately — as long as they get some hand-holding from a pro. Not a good idea, argues Alan, a retired teacher who asked to remain anonymous. He tried to go it alone, called in an agent mid-process, and says he got an extra [...]

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Hire A Real Estate Agent With The Power To Succeed says, on average nationwide, prices and sales  are blooming, inventories are wilting, and more and more markets reveal a  potential for growth not seen in years. “Things are picking up. All the prices are down and interest rates are really  low. It’s like Macy’s is having a sale,” said Martin Morales, Secretary-Treasurer of the [...]

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Kitchen and Bath Design Trends – Part 2

Continued from last week's post.... Earth-Friendly Features Perhaps the hottest trend in kitchens and baths is the move toward sustainable products. But while more people are asking designers about going green, they're "willing to stick their necks, and their pocketbooks, out only so far," says Garvey, the 2008 grand prize winner of the Real Estate [...]

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Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Part 1

The two rooms that consistently make the biggest impression on buyers are—without a doubt—kitchens and bathrooms. Even in today's uncertain economic times, home owners and buyers are willing to spend on upgrades to these two essential rooms. Their goal: Create that polished high-end look they've seen in magazines and on TV. "We're seeing more of [...]

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