Low Cost Ways to Freshen Your Home

Chances are the decor in your home is a lot like most people's wardrobes: There are a few items that went out of style a decade ago, but they're so comfortable that it's impossible to see them go. "We grow accustomed to our space, and we stop seeing it," says Melissa Birdsong, vice president of [...]

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4 Interior Painting Tips

1.Get the surface ready. You want the paint to glide on smoothly, so be sure the surface is clean before you start painting. Remove any handprints, dirt, or scuff marks. Lightly sand any glossy spots to avoid streaks. 2. Select a paint sheen and color. Ah, the choices! Many paint stores are making it easier [...]

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6 Landscaping Tips to Wow Buyers

Landscape designer Michael Glassman has cooked up a recipe for guaranteed curb appeal. 1. Add splashes of color. With every changing season, a landscape should provide a new display of colors, textures, and fragrances. "It’s best to use one or two and repeat them," Glassman says. Example: white iceberg roses that bloom in spring, summer, and [...]

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Staging: Good Smells, Bad Smells

How does your home smell? It might be worth an extra sniff because buyers certainly will take notice. Sensory research shows that the smell of a home can affect a person’s mood, according to Terry Molnar, executive director of The Sense of Smell Institute, a New York–based organization that focuses on the importance of smell [...]

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Easy Fixes for 4 Common Household Problems

MAY 2010 | BY WENDY COLE Problems like squeaky stairs and oil stains on the garage floor can be quick turnoffs to buyers. But these common household troubles need not hold your listing back—particularly if they’re relatively easy for a do-it-yourselfer to fix. Lynda Lyday—carpenter, professional contractor, and a featured expert on the DIY cable [...]

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Four Fundamentals to Give Any Room a Sense of Style

Sometimes it seems as if what constitutes good design is purely subjective. One person rejects any home with French Provincial furniture. Another will look only at ultramodern interiors. And then there’s the guy with the Leg Lamp. But if taste sometimes seems arbitrary and fast-changing, there are core principles of all good interior design that [...]

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